The Mindset Cure

What Readers Are Saying

I’m so excited! My manuscript is finally complete! It’s been literally years of work to complete my story.

My book was launched on October 10, 2017 and has been well received by readers. A few of their comments are below.


“I knew I had to read your book. I’m so glad that I did. It spoke to me in such a way that I read it in less than two days. It was the first book in way too long that I was totally immersed in. I am so impressed with your writing style. You are so relatable! I felt like you were taking me on this journey, in your shoes.”

Jacqueline d’Estries 6-15-18

“This book was spot on in describing the experience of having and surviving AML. It is a must read for AML survivors, their families and friends. Andrea Borg shares the reality of having this disease and a stem cell transplant with hope and positivity, as well as what she learned because of it.”

Joanne Skladany, 7-2-17



“I currently have AML – Acute Myeloid Leukemia. I’ve been through one round of chemo during a 26-day hospital stay and I’m awaiting a bone marrow transplant within the next month or so. I was diagnosed not quite having real knowledge of what Leukemia was, so I had to do a little research. After a few meetings with Andrea, exchanging stories of what had happened to her and what was currently happening to me, I read her new book, The Mindset Cure. 

Not knowing exactly what was ahead of me regarding my upcoming transplant, The Mindset Cure describes her experience in a compelling and heartfelt way that embraced me as if I were there during her experience. Once I started I was riveted, I laughed and cried throughout. I’ve read clinical books and articles online about bone marrow transplants and what to expect, but a book such as this brought me into the fold giving me real-life information, which to me was priceless.”

Terrie L. Porter, 6-26-17


I hope that you, too, enjoy the book.